Piano Kazoo #3


On Convincing Yourself to Work

Work has been a very big part of my life the past few months. Especially as I’ve taken on a new role in my workplace, I seem to be talking a lot about it. And let me apologize for that: I’m sorry. But as annoying as I may be to my friends and family, incessantly ranting about “flow” and “blocking” and “beer” and what have you, I’ve always tried to bring zeal to my endeavors, this blog not withstanding.
But really its another stupid little philosophy of mine. Put all of your eggs in one basket. Sort of.
The only way I know to get things done is to screw myself over if I don’t do it, and therefore be totally committed to a task/relationship/job/artistic endeavor. The best example was in starting Electric Water. I picked a date to put on a show at Shanty Town for my new band, and as the date approached I was forced to actually come up with a new band and songs for us to play. If I only ever talked about putting a new band together, and waited for all the “right” pieces to come together, Electric Water would probably be called PianoKazoo and would still be writing and preparing for our first set.
A sense of urgency is key for someone like myself to be productive. And since I can’t trust my own natural sense of urgency (which is mitochondrial in size), I tend to tell a whole ton of people my business knowing I don’t want to be that asshole who is all talk.
Which is why I’m writing this right now!
In reality I don’t have much to say tonight. I have a whole ton of questions to pose, but nothing substantive. HARK! I thought of a story from High School that illustrates the attitude of a young me.
In tenth grade I had an english teacher who was published. But he wasn’t really a published “author”. He wrote a cookbook. So why is he teaching tenth grade english at an artsy fartsy IB school in Spain? No fucking clue. But he was, and he assigned the class to write poems for the next day. I, in defiance, wrote a poem about not being able to “assign” creative output. I wrote about how “deadlines kill the creative process”. And I did it about ten minutes before class started. A more apt way to express that opinion on the nature of creative creation would have been to not turn anything in, I realize this, but I could also potentially pass the class by being a lazy dick. I don’t remember how the poem went, but I remember I gave it the title “MEOP”. Awful, I know.
He gave me a D, which is not an F.
I stand by my decision, cause fuck that dude. But maybe growing up is learning how to sweet talk yourself into acting and having real output instead of retreating into consuming little bits of meaningless shit to not hate yourself for another five minutes.
Also I’ve completely reversed my opinion on creative output. Without a deadline, we’d always be watching just one more episode of whatever is on Netflix.

On that note, I’m going to “direct” an 8 song EP to be recorded over 24 hours in a couple weeks, and we’ll upload it to the site on May 1st.

I’ll explain what we hope to do in the next Piano Kazoo, which I WILL upload by Saturday! (See? Now I’d be an asshole if I didn’t follow through on that.)


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