Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys! Folkies, punks and the criminally bored! It is with great pleasure and a stomach full of butterflies that we present to you: infintesmal.com. After nearly seven years of toiling in relative (digital) obscurity, peddling our passion for underground music behind the dive bars of America, we've officially joined the internet arms race. As it turns out, building a website is (effin') hard! We never could have done it without the supremely gifted (and patient) Lacy Lafferty at Lacy Lou Design.

The decision to move forward with the website centered around one essential prerequisite: the finished product must be much more than a list of rad bands, concerts and merch, but a living breathing document of the increasingly potent arts community growing in the humid corners of Northeast Florida. We've gathered some of the finest writers, barflys, movers and shakers to insure a constant stream of original content including editorials, record reviews, interviews, rants, raves and all things 904. Regardless of your particular musical tastes, personal politics, religious upbringings or stance on Ramones vs.Sex Pistols (Ramones!) it is the goal of infintesmal.com to serve as the ultimate guide to all things essential, both local and beyond.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from the Infintesmal family Now you know where to find us! The beginning is still beginning...

- Jimmi





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